14 July 2017
  • The insta-death on spawn bug has been fixed.
  • The leaderboard now updates normally while at the respawn screen.
  • Newly loaded players are now drawn with their correct armor at the respawn screen.
  • Players' full radius is now drawn while they're using the camo perk.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to shoot themselves.
  • Newly loaded user crates (green ones) are now shown with the correct shade of green for the amount of HP they have left.

As always please post to the subreddit or email us if you come across any bugs or you have suggestions for improvements.

13 July 2017
  • Improvements have been made to the spawn system.
  • Shooter's stats and loadout data is now displayed on the respawn screen in a special table.
  • Players' end of life stats have been placed inside a similar table at the top of the respawn screen.
  • Additional server speed and stability improvements have been made.

If the community likes the new stats tables on the respawn screen, we might also update the home/selection screen too. Behind the scenes, we've increased the amount of player stats that we're tracking. This will help us significantly with balancing the current and future weapons and powerups.

8 July 2017
  • The 'fast-player' bug has been fixed.
  • The HP of user-spawned crates has been increased from 500 to 1,000, this will be helpful for base building.
  • User-spawned crates now change colour based on how much HP they have left. The darkest colour represents the highest HP, the lightest colour represents the lowest HP.
  • The directional arrow keys can now be used to move.
  • You can no longer accidentally select a new player colour while in game.
  • The in-game damage and kill notifications are now automatically hidden when the respawn/spectator screen appears. This will make it much easier to view your final stats.

We're pretty thrilled with the performance of the game on the new C++ servers and we have a lot of new and exciting updates in the pipeline! Also we're in the process of updating Battlio's thumbnail that appears on iogames websites. We've put out an open request to the community on the subreddit. If you have any designs or ideas, feel free to submit them.

5 July 2017 - C++ Servers Released!
  • The servers have been completely recoded in C++. This has created much faster and smoother gameplay.
  • Game lobbies have been set to a maximum of 60 players per lobby (old limit was 12). This may be increased or decreased based on your feedback.
  • The map now expands/shrinks as number of players in the server increases/decreases (The more players in the server, the bigger the map).
  • The out-of-bounds areas of the map are covered with a poisonous fog which moves as the map resizes. Don't stay out there too long.
  • On death, you'll go into a spectator mode and you'll be presented with your statistics for that life. These statistics are still recorded on the Stats Page with old statistics. Click the respawn button to go back to the selection screen.

Other Changes:

  • Health now regenerates (slower than armor regeneration).
  • There are no more map-spawned medkits.
  • Powerup cool-down timer is now in sync.
  • Heavier types of armor no longer increase player size.
  • There is a two second cool-down on using the shield.
  • Some map objects have had their sizes changed.
  • The HUD flashes red when the player takes damage.
  • Build powerup crates have been made smaller, this is so you can use them as cover while firing over them.
  • A kill counter and simple gameplay instructions have been added to the HUD.
1 May 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been implementing changes that should solve some of the "Enter Game" bugs, and other connection issues players have been facing. It's not perfect yet, we're still troubleshooting some issues specific to Internet Explorer.

We've been making terrific progress with the new C++ servers, it's coming together. Based on some recent load tests, it's looking like the new servers will be able to support up to 100 players at a time without slowing down. This will allow us to implement all kinds of exciting game modes.

To our loyal fans who keep checking the changelog every day, we just wanted to say thanks for sticking with us!

14 March 2017
  • Reduced player limit per server to 15.
  • Added a minimum of 1-hour play time before a player can appear on the Score/Minute high scores stats page.
  • Added a minimum of 100 kills before a player can appear on the Kill/Death high scores stats page.

Currently, the servers are written in Nodejs which performs okay with a small number of players, however, it slows down substantially as more players join. We're in the process of re-writing the entire server in C++. We're making solid progress, but it's taking some time. We apologise for the lack of game-updates. We expect that with C++ servers, we will be able to support more players with less computational slow down.

All player accounts and game stats will be preserved when the C++ servers are deployed.

1 March 2017
  • Added stats page for the longest killstreaks.
  • Added players' favorite loadouts to the player stats pages.
  • Started tracking the score per minute stat, you'll be able to see it on the stats website within a day or two.
  • Added a limit on how long player-spawned medkits appear on the ground.
  • We're also still working on some serious upgrades to the game's engine. In time, the servers will be able to support many more players without slowing down.

We're aware that a number of users are having connection issues where the 'Enter Game' button doesn't appear. If you're having this issue, please open the game in Google Chrome and send us a screenshot of the top error rows in your Chrome's console log. It can be accessed by pressing F12, then clicking on the 'console' tab and scrolling to the top of the console error log.

27 February 2017 - Moved to beta is now officially in beta! Over the last two weeks, players have played nearly 3000 hours, and helped us identify and fix many bugs. We appreciate all the help we've received! We still have a lot of work to do before a live production release, but here is what we've been working on over the last few days:

  • Improved server performance for smoother gameplay.
  • Increased speed of pistol bullets by 25%.
  • Began tracking players' longest killstreaks, they'll be posted on the stats website within a day or two.
  • Also started tracking players' favorite powerups, you'll be able to see those on the stats website within a day or two as well.
22 February 2017
  • Substantial improvements to server stability.
  • Fixed player order on the leaderboard.
  • Decreased player speed while holding shield.
  • Added a 1-second delay on grenade explosions.
  • Reduced engineer kit crate spawn cooldown timer by 33%.
  • Fixed bug where players would be automatically moving/shooting immediately after respawning.
  • Slightly increased diagonal movement speed.
20 February 2017
  • Added changelog.
  • Changed hosting providers, now using Vultr.
  • Removed Sydney server, Australian players are now routed to Los Angeles or Frankfurt.
  • Slight improvements to server stability, many more to come.
19 February 2017
  • Added Los Angeles and Chicago servers.
  • Allowed players with 0 score to appear on the leaderboard.
  • Added dynamic aiming system (you see a little further in the direction you're looking).